Brunch @ Lawrence

This Sunday was spent on the plateau in Montreal at this recommended brunch destination- Lawrence. There was an interesting juxtaposition between casual and elegant. By casual I mean the plank style tables, milk jugs as water carafes and easy-breezy hipster staff. What elevated the experience was the unexpected classical music, white linen napkins, raw sugar cubes, the mini brunch “apps” (mini food=more fancy), well I could go on forever so see for yourself, here are a few quick snaps of our meal.

That is a DAMN TASTY cappuccino.

Our “flight” of mini danishes on a grandma plate. Beautiful as they were delicious. (I feel like the plate looks so big- but in reality it was very much a bread plate, making the danishes very mini)

That was the chanterelles and fried eggs on soda bread.