Gisele Ganne

My heart stopped when I met Gisele Ganne, and inspected her wrist where she was sporting her own designs. Gisele’s tough girl meets elegance jewelry mixes skulls of real animals, wolf teeth and other treacherous looking bones with more sophisticated elements like pearls and roses, to create jewelry that would stop pretty much anyone in their tracks. This bracelet and ring are from her New Amazon collection that has been featured in VOGUE Paris. (check it out below)

Her other collections which feature amazing “bad ass” knuckle rings and other knock your socks off jewelry have been in Bazaar, Elle, Ritz Carleton Magazine, Wallpaper and countless other beyond chic publications. Her line has only been around for three years and she told me personally that she does all of her own PR. Her  work has been seen on the likes of ultra famous celebrities such as Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and Eve. What is amazing is that she sources the different bones, teeth and skulls used in her pieces from eBay. She then coats them in precious metals!

Beyond her jewelry talents she is a sensationally sweet girl, who’s french accent makes you smile ear to ear. When she’s not working on her own stuff she’s a freelance designer for Stephen Webster. Here’s a piece that she designed for him. (I’m extremely happy that I got it play with all these pieces!)

And what did I teach her about Canada? …well, we partnered up for her first ever game of peer pong! Classy. Here we are in action!