Mourning Lawn Summer Nights


Everyone in this city can think about those lovely nights, that come by maybe once a summer that are just completely magical. Usually it’s the combination of have zero planned activities and somehow you end up having one of those evenings where your adventure never ends. These are the sorts of nights that don’t come by very often in Ottawa.

Ok not that Lawn Summer Nights was exactly like that but it was definitely up there on some of the better Ottawa evenings I’ve had.

Lawn Summer Nights centers around a social summertime lawn bowling event. Teams of four, take part in a month long tournament and compete on the lawns, but also raise money in support of Cystic Fibrosis Canada. It costs $400 to register your team, you are served a light dinner ( catered by La Bottega! ) and can sip on $4 cocktails whilst listening to Gatsby era themed tuned. Oh yes- and people dress up in costumes and get pretty dapper.

Joining about half way through, my team which we named “The Grass Stains” only played two Wednesdays of the month- but it was worth it.

What’s so refreshing about new initiatives like this that pop up around Ottawa is that not only are they philanthropic but they’re fun. Yes, lawn bowling is fun folks. Those in attendance at Lawn Summer Ngihts were all young professionals, who didn’t take it too seriously and used it as a way to connect with other like minded preps.

It’s also a good excuse to get a man into a bow tie, just sayin’.

Here a few outtakes from our two weeks on the lawns.


Close up on the matching bow ties sported by the male counterparts of our team.


The boys of the Grass Stains team: Dave & Shane


Madison getting ready to bowl!


A closer look at my technique from the other end of the lawn.

Team Grass Stains on the lawn for our last Wednesday.

If you’re interested in participating next year, organizers pointed it out that they are expanding to 60 teams in 2014. Follow the Ottawa chapter on Facebook here if you want first dibs on teams next year and a chance to play the Grass Stains.

Summer Wednesday’s won’t be the same … until next year.