Portraits & Philanthropy


I really like when people bring together those who wouldn’t have otherwise met, especially for a good cause. Earlier this summer creatives Dwayne Brown and Clare Brennan, have teamed up for a vernissage of sorts in support of the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre in Hintonburg.


I was lucky enough to be part of Dwayne’s installation named Faces of Wellington. My portrait was hung amongst other ‘Wellington End’ supporters and neighbours. The sale of each portrait, which went for $250 each was donated to the cause.

With reason to celebrate my first ever head shot, I made my way to the Hintonburg Public House a while back to see the unveiling of my portrait. The weeks that followed I had several messages of friends saying that they were eating right next to me!

In the end my parents made a generous donation to purchase this piece. Congrats to Dwayne and Clare on another successful community project!