Store Preview: J. Crew

Wednesday was a great day for my preppy soul. Ottawa got it’s first J. Crew. For those who also love this brand I’m sure you’ve been plagued by the J. Crew tourist attraction curse that has been haunting me for years. You go on a really nice vacation, likely a very cool city with tons to explore. You make a list of all the places you want to visit, but you say to yourself “I need to make it to J. Crew”. You then proceed to spend a solid two hours trying on everything in the store in hopes of finding that mystical piece that you’ll bring back with you as a souvenir. From there you will have to carefully choose between several “I can’t live or breathe without you” pieces and your soul hurts a little leaving something behind. Then you feel guilty you wasted two precious hours of your jammed packed vacation time at J. Crew, a very “sorry, not sorry” type of feeling. I am so happy to announce that this will NEVER happen to me again.

The new J. Crew at the Rideau centre its everything my heart desires. It takes on two vacant spaces to house a huge 5,922 square feet store that has both women’s and men’s collections. Beyond their own wares, lucky for us this locations also sells ‘In Good Company’ – a collection of brand partnerships hand-selected by the J. Crew design team. Cool right?

At the media launch I had a chance to prance around the store and pick out a great pair of jeans, a parting gift from their team. To be honest this is my first piece of J. Crew denim. Their selection of jeans is amazing, in both washes and cuts, which was a treat from my usual go to purchases of constructed blazers, cashmere and shoes. I ended up with a pair of their toothpick jeans in ‘grey dove’ which is their skinniest style. This pair is made from a high-tech Turkish cotton with stretch woven into it for a super flattering and very comfortable fit.


There’s so many great items in the store I can’t tell you enough, so you need to go check it out yourself. If I had to pick one thing though, it would definitely be this beauty of a hat.  When you do visit, make sure to say hi to store director Sarah, she’s a sweetheart.

Special thanks to Adrienne at Jane Gill for being our host and to Lucie at J. Crew for helping me navigate this lovely new addition to our city.

L-R Lucie, Adrienne, Sarah

Photography + Denim Advisory Board Members | Brandon Ng + Zara Ansar