A Fall Weekend in Montreal

Lucky for us Ottawa folk, Montreal is just a hop, skip and a jump away. And lucky for me, some of my dearest friends live there!

This weekend was such a whirlwind starting with the Let’s Bond fundraiser for the Mental Illness Foundation. I had the pleasure of getting all dolled up with the help of the uber talented Noah, a makeup artist and man about town, who took care of making me channel my inner Alexa Chung with my hair and makeup. The theme was “Goldfinger”, and indeed there was lots of gold to be had including the epic Bond girl installation at the event. Over $140,000 was raised for foundation, now that’s what I call successful!

The rest of the weekend I spent with some of the people I care about the most. My friend Janie had her birthday brunch at the newly opened Salmigondi’s, who had not only great food but epic coffees. The resto was close to Jean Talon market so some of the brunch ladies and I headed over to plan out our market feast for that night; organic chicken, brussel sprouts and bright coloured cauliflower. The night ended with a cocktail at “Le Mal Necessaire”, famous for not only their neon-green pineapple sign but their fancy drink vessels. In my case I just opted for the coolest looking one, which rang in at $18, but was worth it because it was a coconut!

No trip to Montreal is complete without a coffee excursion. I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with my beloved friend Ali, also an Instagram genius, over a great cup at Myriade. Lucky for me, he snapped a candid of my outfit!

Just so you know if you’re headed to Montreal make sure to check out deals from Via Rail, especially on Tuesday’s their seat sales are absolutely great.  You can get a return ticket for under $60, how great is that?

All the pictures from the weekend are above! Scroll and take a look 🙂

[ Photography: My own, Noah Venkatarangam,  Ali Inay ]