Prince Edward County + The Drake Devonshire

I’ve be dying to go to the Drake Devonshire ever since I heard about it’s opening way back when I met the lovely PR & marketing folks at the Drake General Store opening in Ottawa. To me beginning of November was the perfect time in Prince Edward County; the harvest season is coming to a close, the weather is still great and it’s Countylicious;  a twice annual prix fixe (at around $35 for 3 courses) culinary celebration that several great restaurants participate in. Above is just a photo diary of the weekend.

This is the first time I’ve been to the County and haven’t gone to a winery; instead time was spent relaxing and the lovely Drake on the Lake, driving around, and of course eating. Lots of it.

Beyond getting cozy at the Drake and stuffing my face (shout out to those brussels sprouts at the Devonshire!) I visited Gilead, the first distillery I’ve ever been to. Their tasting room is located in an old home about five minutes away from Bloomfield and is simply stunning. The grounds have a silly amount of chickens running around and the rooms inside that aren’t being used to taste deliciousness, act as an antique shop full of well priced curiosities. Vintage bottles for $1, yes please! I was super lucky to be able to chat with the distiller himself Mat, a former chemistry major and all round sweet heart. I then proceeded to try every single thing Gilead had and it was delicious.

Other spots I dropped in on were Kokito, the most yummy and friendly Hubb at Angeline’s, Black River Cheese, Frugal & Company this perfectly cute antique shop in Picton and East & Main.

With Prince Edward County only three hours away from Ottawa, I’m sure I’ll be back soon for a relaxing weekend. There’s always another corner or interesting place I haven’t explored yet.

Photos: The Drake  & Myself