Going Back to Basics with Ford Canada

This is a contributed post by the lovely Jennifer Baguss of Broke is The New Black

“We never really were the ‘take pictures of our car’ kind of people,” my mother tells me when I ask her to send me pictures of the Fords of our family. Not to say we never had memories in the cars. When I think about my vehicular past I’m overcome with visions of cruising down the road with my Dad singing along to CCR and Tom Petty or driving for the very first time ever in my Dad’s F-150 or taking my mom’s old Crown Victoria to town and being so impressed that I was finally able to go through the drive-thru alone. The name Ford to me is synonymous with “Freedom”.

Since before I was born, my family has been a family of Fords. I learned to drive in the Bronco and the Crown Victoria and then upgraded to the Focus when it came time to own my own car. There has never been another choice but Ford for me, so when Carolynn asked me to hang out with Ford of Canada for a weekend of “Back to Basics” in Mont Tremblant I jumped at the opportunity. This seemed like the perfect fit: a Ford girl for life and a weekend of enjoying Tremblant like a local. Sign me up!

Jenn Baguss

The infamous black Bronco & Crown Victoria that were the first vehicles I learned to drive.

Vintage Ford Truck

My grandparents side by side in their first Ford truck purchased after emigrating from Germany to Canada.

Ford Canada

My Dad’s first car ever, a 1966 Mustang.

For the ride up Ford paired us up with travel buddies: being a huge fan of road trip movies (Crossroads immediately comes to mind!) I was so excited to see who I was paired up with. The idea of being in a car with an almost stranger is exciting but also intimidating. In car there is nowhere to go, all you can rely on is a making a connection and great conversation. My travel buddy was a great companion and the trip ran smoothly.

The premise of the weekend is based on predictions made by Ford Futurist, Sheryl Connelly. Her prediction for 2015 is that the car is going to become the new dinner table. Families will be using cars to reconnect with each other. Basically, in a car you have no choice but to talk.

For the entire weekend we experienced everything that Tremblant has to offer, staying at the Quintessense Hotel is the ideal way to stay in Tremblant. It’s steps away from the mountain while still being tucked away from the hustle and bustle of everything. From local food, and a dinner created by Chef Georges Laurier (the best venison I’ve ever eaten, sorry Dad!) to the local activities, the experience was all about simple luxuries.

The relaxing weekend was punctuated with wine and tea tastings as well as amazing activities like learning to drive stick (in a Mustang no less!) to snowshoeing around the top of Mont Tremblant.

After we made our way down the mountain it was back into a slick new ride to drive back to civilization and the complexities of our daily lives. Our conversation on the way home was a little more subdued, a little sparser but still just as interesting. Who could complain with the mountain at your back and a whole new outlook on the concept of getting back to basics?

Ford’s concept is that people are moving towards simplicity over complexity. We want to ditch our bags and clutter and live life simply. This was our theme, simplicity with the help of technology. So I packed light, okay lighter, and let myself rely on the technology of the car and the company of friends to get through the weekend.

See photos from my adventure above!