Hit Refresh On Your Beauty Regime at Nordstrom

Ok I know nothing about makeup. Zilch, nadda, zip. I need help, and professional help. Often, that means talking to people I know who work in the biz, or heading to a makeup counter to get some advice on new products. I often forget that makeup changes just as much as fashion does. Each year different trends emerge and the season makes a big difference in what you should be looking to include in your daily regime. Lucky for rookies like me, Nordstrom has these amazing Beauty Trend Events– a free event where you get the latest beauty tips and tricks that comes with a complimentary makeup, skincare AND fragrance consultation. Honestly I’ll never miss one again after trying it for the first time this week.

The concept is simple, show up fresh faced for your appointment and experts from different counters work together to customize an experience that touches on skincare, makeup and fragrance. I’ve never seen department store makeup artists (MUA) work together like this before, it was absolutely refreshing. My consultation flowed freely between Clinique, Burberry and Diptyque professionals who all worked together to build my look. They even showed me how to apply it myself by using a handheld mirror, something I’ve never seen a MUA do before. How often do you leave a visit to a makeup counter and have NO IDEA how to use the products you just purchased!? That is me. Every single time.

If you’re looking for a Spring “pick me up” and a refresh on  your beauty look; please PLEASE take advantage of this fab free event. To schedule your appointment, stop by Nordstrom OR call 613 567-7005 ext 1429, who knows maybe you’ll even walking away with a little gift 😉