Style Conscious

Fast fashion brands have been taking over today’s shopping landscape, but how many are truly environmentally conscious as well? Turns out H&M is a leader in the industry. I’ve always been a H&M fan, and as a global mega brand I was overwhelmed with their generosity this past year with their support of my Closet Collective fundraiser, a used clothing sales that benefitted the Ottawa School of Art. Their PR director, Emily Scarlett, even donated one of her own prized items to the sale! It turns out that recycled fashion has always has been part of their brand’s overall commitment to sustainability.

At H&M, we offer fashion at great value- but not at any price. We want to make conscious choices easy and accessible to everyone. That’s why we keep working hard everyday to make our products and the entire fashion industry more sustainable- from the cotton field, to giving clothes you no longer want or need a new life.  – Karl Johan Persson CEO of H&M

H&M works hard to commit themselves to giving their customers not only environmentally conscious choices clothing lines, but ones that are stylish AND accessible. This year they unveiled a gorgeous and completely wearable Conscious Exclusive Collection which proves looking good and doing good are one in the same.

At a private dinner hosted by the aforementioned Emily Scarlett at Bayshore Shopping Centre a group of select bloggers were treated to a preview of the collection and the opportunity to pepper Emily with questions. Something you might not know, that I found out during this lovely meal, is that H&M collects used garments year round in support of their commitment to sustainable fashion. Often these exact garments are used to create the collections they release each year that underscores their commitment. I found this absolutely refreshing and to be honest completely eye opening that such a large brand has undertaken such extreme responsibility and made it one of their core initiatives. When it comes to trendy pieces, which for me H&M is a go to, sometimes these styles lifetime just lasts one season. So being able to close the loop and donate back to where it came from to me is absolutely genius.

As a special treat as part of this private dinner I was gifted a personalized gift from their collection chosen by Emily herself.  It’s not very often a complete stranger can pick out something for me, especially when it comes to clothes, but she proved me wrong! Now that the weather is warm enough I have been living in these ultra soft shorts from the Conscious Sustainable Style Collection and I’m considering getting another pair in a different colour I adore them so much!

H&M believes that no true fashion lover likes seeing clothes go to waste; and I couldn’t agree more. If you’re looking to do some Spring cleaning why not consider supporting H&M’s initiatives for a better fashion future.

Photos by Miv Photography courtesy of Bayshore & Myself.