4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Tickets to The Velo Vogue Fashion Show (Before It Sells Out!)

1. Bike fashion is actually a thing.

Rachel + Sterling

Looking cute / handsome on a bike is really hard. Dresses ride up, pants get scuffed- so when you see a fellow biker rockin’ a glorious outfit on their set of wheels I’m always impressed. Designers have been taking note about this fashion conundrum and have been creating some functional and fashionable pieces for avid bikers that will be featured in the Velo Vogue fashion show.  Not to mention the plethora of local boutiques that are also part of the show!

2. Zara Ansar is the sweetest most awesome passionate human ever.


If you’ve ever met the a-DORK-able Zara Ansar you know exactly what I’m talking about. Zara has been obsessive about cataloguing our city’s most fashionable people through her blog for years now. This year she told me she wanted to shoot 90 PEOPLE FOR HER BLOG. That’s more than one person per week over the year. It’s hard to find people who are so dedicated to showcasing our city and its great people. Not only that, but Zara continuously donates her time and talent to other organizations who are fundraising for great causes in our city. You should feel really good about supporting her on this project now in it’s 3rd year.

3. It’s for a great cause.

Right Bike

Folks, BIXI in Ottawa is gone. It’s ok though, because Right Bike is here and it’s way better. Right Bike is a social business that provides jobs and training for individuals in the community who are working to overcome barriers to employment. Cool right? Even cooler, they deliver a community-based bike share service right here in Ottawa that costs $5 per day. AND their fleet of purple bikes are really nice looking. They are the recipients of the funds raised this Saturday.

4. It’s going to sell out.

no more tickets

It says 796 people are going on Facebook and it’s already 50% sold out.  If even a quarter of those people get a ticket there will be no tickets left. Do the math and buy a ticket now before you miss the chance to come to an awesome fashion fundraiser with yummy food, beer and drinks!

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Images: XO Velo, Right Bike