Lawn Summer Nights 2015 & ‘A Summer Dinner’

I’ve spent the last three years participating in Lawn Summer Nights; a lawn bowling fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis Canada and I have to tell you it’s been the highlight of my summers. Lawn bowling? Yes. It’s not only for the grey hairs, and in this case it’s for a good cause. Every Wednesday during July young professionals descend on The Elmdale Lawn Bowling Club’s greens to take part in a country wide campaign to raise awareness and funds for Cystic Fibrosis. To date the event has raised over 1 million, which is a testament to the momentum that it has garnered recently.

This lawn bowling season was a whirlwind of awesomeness; new friends were made, games were won (we actually made it to the finals this year) and our team even made the cover of The Hill Times! With a new roster in tow we set our sights on recreating our successful fundraiser, “A Summer Dinner”.

As always, we partnered with La Bottega Nicastro on many levels, who provided all of our food products as well as letting us steal their precious kitchen staff, chef Alex Nicastro and server Peter Grenada. Micha Miljevic-Laroche, gastronomic consultant/extraordinaire lent his culinary talents, as well as Filippo Principato which rounded out our kitchen crew. Lucky for us, we had a chance to partner with Crazy Beard Apple Ale and well as Steamwhistle via Lawn Summer Nights for our cocktail hour. The extra help didn’t end there, we had Aunt Thelma’s Sean Daigle as our DJ and photographer Zac Pantalone snapping away; here are the pictures below from the evening.

Love this dinner? Well you have a lot of options to make it happen chez toi!

La Bottega does catering as well as cooking classes. All classes are Italian food and wine focused and they even offer private customized cooking classes and wine tasting for corporate groups and special events.

Want to work with Micha? You can visit his breakfast pop up at The Beechwood Market until October 10th, or better yet- invite him to help create a magical night like this in your own home.

It’s refreshing working alongside so many lovely people and businesses that help support this event. We are so lucky to have these kind of generosity here in Ottawa. A VERY big thank you all involved!

– Official Team Roster –

Laurence de Montigny St-Onge

Micha Miljevic-Laroche

Sarah Cebulski

Mathieu Genest

Michael Morantz

Nicholas Connolly

Wisam Salih

Carolynn Lacasse

Photos: Zachary Pantalone, Myself