Shopify Delivers Donut Joy for Black Friday

Donuts are magical. These delicious creatures can bring joy to even the most grumpy. That’s why when Shopify asked me to join them to surprise some of their hardworking local Ottawa merchants with a donut and coffee delivery on Black Friday I instantly said YES!


Have you ever experienced a random act of kindness from a stranger? Do you remember how it made you feel? Well I have, and it gives you big warm fuzzy feelings. Turns out that planning them is just as much fun! And Black Friday was just that with Shopify, tons of warm fuzzy feelings and good times! After plotting our plan of attack over espresso at Shopify HQ we stormed 6 different Shopify merchants with sweet treats and caffeinated potions for an entire day.

Here are some pictures from our adventure!

What is pretty amazing is this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much Shopify cares and interacts with the retailers they consider customers. As much as there was donut deliveries and high fives, there was also face to face time with merchants asking them about what changes they would want to see for the platform. It wasn’t just Ottawa either, Shopify delivered the deliciousness all over North America, each with their own city ambassador. Check out more images here from the #ShopifyBFCM donut delievery spree. All in all, I thought that was pretty genius.

What a great way to kick of the holiday season, huge thanks to Shopify for including me in this awesome project!

Dylan & I choppin on some yummy-ness from Suzy Q

Dylan & I choppin on some yummy-ness from Suzy Q

Photos: Myself, Emma Craig & Zachary Panatalone