Yes, Beauty Personal Shopping Exists (AND it’s amazing!)

I’m completely lost when it comes to beauty products or regimens. I’ve never been one of those girls that has any clue what they’re doing and often it means I’m just winging it. It also means I often rely on professionals to help me out. What I’ve found is that if you’re going to buy makeup or skin products, it’s hard to understand what’s right for you. You have to shop around, test different products and navigate brands with different price points- all so very overwhelming if you’re completely foreign to it like I am. Sometimes I just say “yes” to whatever beauty counter I’m at, and that’s not always the best way to get products that are a good fit. That’s why I finally decided to splurge on a beauty and makeup professional shopping experience and it’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time.

I enlisted the help of the talented and uber kind makeup artist Noah Venkatarangam, of Faces by Noah. I’ve known Noah for a long time now, first we became fast friends and then he started doing my makeup for nights out and events I was attending. Why I absolutely adore about working with him is that firstly, he is a down to earth, easy going and wonderful human which makes everything WAY more fun and stress free. Most importantly, Noah is gifted at creating makeup looks that are elegant and natural- which is what I want. He understands when less is more and he’s open to using a bevy of products from all price points which is something I have a lot of respect for.

So how does a beauty personal shopping day start? First, Noah went through all the makeup and skin products that I already own, which was VERY limited. By doing that I was able to see what I needed to purchase, what I could keep and incorporate into my new collection and what I needed to throw out. This was great because it meant that I didn’t have to buy everything brand new and I could work from where I was. It also gave Noah a chance to educate me on why I needed to change what I was doing for my beauty routine. Understanding why one uses a product was super important to me, since I literally have no idea what I’m doing! He made a list of items I needed, and we were off for our shopping excursion.

Faces by Noah

Noah and I visited Rideau Centre which was the easiest to shop since it had a Shoppers Drug Mart, Nordstrom and a Sephora. The first thing that I made a small investment in is skin care. Currently my regimen was literally washing my face with an Olay Daily Facial- that’s it. Noah was quick to point out that makeup was useless unless you have good skin care. Apparently, after you turn 25 you go from the prevention stage of skin care, into the reparation stage…I was a little late on the bandwagon for this one. Noah set me up with a very simple routine; cleanser (Avène Gentle Milk Cleanser), moisturizer (La Roche-Posay Hydreane Light) and eye cream (La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour) to swap for my minimal Oil of Olay Daily Facials cloths routine.

Makeup is useless unless you have skin care.

We also picked up some staples from Shoppers including mascara that he swears by (L’Oreal Hydrofuge Voluminous in Carbon Black), a statement red lip stick (Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Really Red ) and lip liner (Revlon Color Stay in Red) and a kohl eyeliners in nude, brown, black from Rimmel (Soft Kohl Scandal Eyes by Rimmel London). From there it was off to Nordstrom for Nars (Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in Finland + Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey + Custard) and Sephora for an exclusive Lancôme palette (Blush Subtil Palette in 323 Rose Flush); which came by recommendation of Noah to find products that are combinations to save money for example bronzer, blush and highlighter. Finally, we swung by Rexall to get some budget brushes (Real Techniques), which are adored by makeup artists everywhere and turned out to be SO reasonable at around $10/brush!

makeup personal shopping ottawa

Makeup is just the same as clothing, it changes with seasons, trends emerge and it can become dated. It’s important to refresh your regime, whether it’s just trying out new products or seeking out professional help. I hope that I can do something like this every year, if not every season. A small investment can really go a long way

What's Included In This Service

Cost is $75/ hr, 1-3 hours consultation + shopping

Beauty + Makeup Bag Run Through

Personalized Beauty + Makeup Bag Shopping List

Guided Shopping Experience

Visualized Makeup Application Diagram

Personalized Application Instructions

Noah also offers makeup + hair  for events here are some examples of some of his clients, including me! Bonus: He’ll also come to your home which makes you feel very glamorous to have a style squad and is VERY stress free. Highly recommended.