Lawn Summer Nights Kicks Off With Place D’Orleans

July is a magical month for me for one reason only; Lawn Summer Nights. If you’re asking yourself, what is Lawn Summer Nights, let me fill you in. It’s a lawn bowling fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis Canada that takes form in a weekly tournament throughout the month of July where teams, who donate to play, face off against other fancily clad teams.

2016 marks my fourth year on the green and my ever evolving team of handsome teammates have stepped up our game in a big way. We’ve been lucky to partner with brands over the past couple of years, but this time we sought out the help of Place D’Orleans as our one stop shop for our uniforms and they did not disappoint. 

Uniforms are a big part of what makes Lawn Summer Nights a ton of fun. Firstly, they are the ultimate ice breaker for meeting new people during the weekly tournament. They also have prizes for the best ones! What makes them challenging to put together is that everyone has to match; which means that shopping at one place that has EVERYTHING is key. In previous years, we had spent weeks putting together something that had all our sizes, coordinated and was within budget.

A couple of weeks ago the gals on our team descended on Place D’Orleans for two day shopping excursion to put our uniforms together, complete with candy gifts for our opponents (there are also prizes for the friendliest team). This sort of exercise of pulling together a multi-faceted uniform meant visiting pretty much every store in the mall to find something that worked together. We came in at an average $120 per full outfit; which is amazing in my point of view. Here’s how it all turned out!

Place D'Orleans Lawn Summer NIghts Ottawa

Ladies Uniform

Dress by Chetta B Hudson’s Bay $110.60

White Shoes Ardène $15, buy 1 get one free!

Bracelets Ardène $3.33

Sunglasses Ardène $7.50

Place D'Orleans Lawn Summer NIghts Ottawa

Gentlemen's Uniform

White Polo H&M $14.99

Blue Shorts American Eagle $37.46 (Buy one, get one 50%off)

Ribbon Belt H&M $14.99

Sunglasses Ardène $7.50

Place D'Orleans Lawn Summer NIghts


Inflatable Flamingo Miss Tiggy Winkles $21.99

Double Bubble Sugar Mountain $4.92

Flamingo Straws Dollarama $1.24

Pin Wheels Dollarama $1.50


As always our team will be working together on a fundraiser, stay tuned! A big thank you to Place D’Orleans for being our sponsor. Personally I find it very refreshing that a big local brand is willing to sponsor smaller events, we are thrilled to have them as part of our team this year!

Photo Credits: Zachary Pantalone Photography, Kara Taylor Photography