Carolynn Lacasse

I’m Carolynn Lacasse, startup marketer currently at thisopenspace; a short-term real estate start-up specializing in retail and pop-ups. I’m bicoastal and split my time between Vancouver and Ottawa, Canada. I’m all about giving back your community and have founded several philanthropic initiatives such the Ottawa Foodie Challenge a food scavenger hunt, Courage Brand  a bracelet like where 100% of the money raised goes to Canadian Cancer Research and The Closet Collective a second-hand clothing pop-up store where you can shop the entire collection for $30 (did you hear that, all you can shop!) and all funds support the Ottawa School of Art.

I consider myself a bon vivant; all about great food with great company. I’m constantly on the l0ok for the perfect minimalist borrowed from the boys’ brands and always planning my next travel adventure. This blog is a journal of things that I love in the cities that I’m in and the travels I take.

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Learn more about me at CarolynnLacasse.com